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Re: Third call for votes for the debian project leader election 2006

Considering the huge contribution from translation/documentation
groups, if they are under-represented in the developer group it means
there is a problem.

I don't know, I do know that even though I've been doing translations for over 3 years I still haven't bothered with NM as I didn't need the upload
rights, and didn't care enough about the voting rights.

Ok, so let's consider people who care :)

But another hint for considering that uploading rights and voting rights have no reason to come as a set.

I strongly suspect the same goes for most non-maintainer translators,
especially since a lot of them don't seem to know that it's possible to
become a DD without being a maintainer.

That is correct.

Checking the NM pages now I find that:
- the new maintainer corner ([1]) specifically mentions translations as
  acceptible earlier contribution.
- the Tasks and Skills section on [2], is missing a description of what's
  necessary for translators. Same at [3]

That is correct to.

Now, consider a place where the right to vote is given exclusively to people who contribute in a very specific way that excludes 99% of the people who actually contribute :)

JC Helary

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