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Re: [D-I] Variable subsitution (level2)

On 2005-09-24T16:47:59+0300, jensseidel@users.sf.net wrote:
> I also read a mail of Clytie on this list, where he noticed that GNOME
> contains often the typo "occured". Immediately after this I started
> fixing it (and other typos) accross all languages for a few modules.
> After I was informed that this is not wished (it was not critism, only a
> hint in a reply of one of my messages to the German GNOME team) I
> stopped it and never touched it again. As you may think this typo still
> occurs very often and in many languages.
> An other guy should care about this, I wont in GNOME ...

How can typo be same in all languages? Or do you mean that a "po" file
contains original string with typo, if so, that is autogenerated and
when such typo is fixed in the source code message, translators need
to unfuzzy their strings which isn't big task.

However if the translators do the unfuzzying, then there won't be any
CVS conflicts et cetera.

> Lets hope that people continue scanning files for common and easy
> scriptable errors.

Someone should patch msgfmt to have an ability to check d-installer's
kind of messages, aren't those standard Perl? There is already the
c-format flag for messages in the po format. This would help with half
of the problems.

Translators validate their translations with 'V' in the Emacs' po mode
or similar with other tools, do they?

Tommi Vainikainen

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