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Re: Po-debconf templates (Martin)

On 24/05/2005, at 4:08 PM, Martin Quinson wrote:

As Christian said at some point, I am one of the former dl10n author (along

with Denis Barbier). I would love to help you guys, but I'm afraid it won't

be possible. I'm completely overhelmed and swamped in much to much projects.

I attach a mail I got a while ago about implementing dl10n-html that I

wasn't able to answer yet. There was a prototype implementation I didn't

even read yet. Shame on me. (Miguel is ok for the public answer to his mail).

I guess you guys will do a much better work if you consider me out of the


Sorry for that and have fun,

Martin, I haven't been involved in i18n very long, but I have seen your work everywhere. I don't think we could ever consider your to be out of the picture. Without your efforts, our task would be so much harder.

Please take the time to have fun, too. :)

from Clytie (vi-VN, team/nhóm Gnome-vi)

Clytie Siddall--Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia

Ở thành phố Renmark, tại miền sông của Nam Úc

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