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Re: Po-debconf templates

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Christian Perrier wrote:
:::: [1] http://dutch.debian.net (I think these scripts
:::: are in the process of being merged into the Dennis'
:::: scripts?)

:: It's a long time since we discuss this..:-)
:: Martin did some work in the dl10n Alioth project and I
:: currently use dl10n to monitor po-debconf translation
:: work for fr dans post "[TAF]" calls (Traduction A
:: Faire==Work To Do).

	Portuguese Team (which includes Brazilian Portuguese)
is in the process to adopting the TAG system, putting QA in
place and using the dl10n (l10n-bot). :o)

	Considering this, I'm working in the bot, two version,
trying to get it integrated, with option for different backends
(MySQL, PostgreSQL, text files) and which could generate static
valid XHTML results. :o)

:: Merging this in Denis scripts which generate the "official"
:: status pages is still to be done.

	I have to confess that it is taking a little bit more
time then I planned, three main reasons: (1) in about 10 days
we have a great Free Software event in Brasil and I'm helping
with the Debian Booth organization, (2) my lack of knowledge
of perl, I improved in this item, studying and doing some
researches, (3) a migration of the server that has my svn,
which is done and ready to use again. :)

:: This would need to grab information about the teams using the
:: dutch/french status system with control messages posted to
:: the mailing lists.

	Yes! I added the pt/pt_BR and it works fine. :-) Some
tweaky is need, I'm working (and learning). :)

:: This would also need to document this system (IIRC the Dutch
:: team has some documentation about it....the french team
:: hasn't).
:: Indeed, it seems that we're still seeking a volunteer to
:: drive all this....:)

	Hope I can help in this process. ;)

	Kind regards,

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