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Re: Po-debconf templates

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Christian Perrier wrote:
::::	Considering this, I'm working in the bot, two version,
:::: trying to get it integrated, with option for different
:::: backends (MySQL, PostgreSQL, text files) and which could
:::: generate static valid XHTML results. :o)

:: This seems to be exactly what we're currently lacking, indeed.


::::	I have to confess that it is taking a little bit more
:::: time then I planned, three main reasons: (1) in about 10
:::: days we have a great Free Software event in Brasil and
:::: I'm helping

:: FISL ?

	Yes! :)

:: I wish you luck for that. Last year it obviously had a great
:: Debian visibility because of the Debconf even that went just
:: before. I hope that you'll be able to make it a great success
:: for Debian this year as well. As some people around know, I
:: will be in Chile to give a lecture about Debian in "Encuentro
:: de Software Libre y Appropriacion Social de las nuevas
:: technologias", an event about social and political impact of
:: FLOSS. I'll probably have to mention FISL and all what's
:: happening in BR several times.

	Man... I didn't attend DebConf in 2004 and when I
remember... it is a shame! :(  No problem, hopefully, I will
have other chances to attend DebConf and meet a lot of "online"
friends. :-)

	We are planning to do a good job in the Debian Booth,
including a Release Party and a Release HeadQuarter. Let's see
what's going to happen! Hope we have a great time, advocating
Debian and Free Software.

::::	Yes! I added the pt/pt_BR and it works fine. :-) Some
:::: tweaky is need, I'm working (and learning). :)

:: You already use the tag system for status messages in the
:: -l10n-portuguese mailing list?

	Yes, in a first moment, we are using mainly the ITT
and BTS. In the next days, we are going to start using tags
for review.

:: OK, it seems we have found the right man, now, who will
:: gather together all the existing bricks and come with
:: a very nice translation status framework revamping....

	My hope is that I can help on this subject. :o)

	Kind regards,

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