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Re: Po-debconf templates

> [1] http://dutch.debian.net (I think these scripts are in the process of 
> being merged into the Dennis' scripts?)

It's a long time since we discuss this..:-)

Martin did some work in the dl10n Alioth project and I currently use
dl10n to monitor po-debconf translation work for fr dans post "[TAF]"
calls (Traduction A Faire==Work To Do).

Merging this in Denis scripts which generate the "official" status
pages is still to be done.

This would need to grab information about the teams using the
dutch/french status system with control messages posted to the mailing

This would also need to document this system (IIRC the Dutch team has
some documentation about it....the french team hasn't).

Indeed, it seems that we're still seeking a volunteer to drive all

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