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Re: Po-debconf templates

On Wednesday 18 May 2005 04:33, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> I would also strongly recommend removing all packages from this list
> which are part of the Debian Installer, normally translated before
> debconf. I ended up translating several files which were already
> completed in the Installer. I now have a list (thankyou Christian!)
> of the Installer files, so I can avoid them, but it would be much
> more effective to omit them from this list, or, if they still need to
> be there, to mark them in some way. I hope that is not too much of a
> hassle to do.

note: this problem is not specific to d-i; If something has been translated 
in the packages not-yet-uploaded version it won't show up as translated

Tim's scripts [1] along with the produre outlined at [2] solve this for 
translations done by people working inside the debian translation teams 
(any translations send in by helpfull users, not nowing of [2] will still 
be missed though, but this doesn't happen that often AFAIK)

[1] http://dutch.debian.net (I think these scripts are in the process of 
being merged into the Dennis' scripts?)
[2] http://wiki.debian.net/index.cgi?l10nCoordination 
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
1. Encrypted mail preferred (GPG KeyID: 0x86624ABB)
2. Plain-text mail recommended since I move html and double
    format mails to a low priority folder (they're mainly spam)

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