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Re: Po-debconf templates

> 	Considering this, I'm working in the bot, two version,
> trying to get it integrated, with option for different backends
> (MySQL, PostgreSQL, text files) and which could generate static
> valid XHTML results. :o)

This seems to be exactly what we're currently lacking, indeed.

> 	I have to confess that it is taking a little bit more
> time then I planned, three main reasons: (1) in about 10 days
> we have a great Free Software event in Brasil and I'm helping

FISL ? I wish you luck for that. Last year it obviously had a great
Debian visibility because of the Debconf even that went just before. I
hope that you'll be able to make it a great success for Debian this
year as well. As some people around know, I will be in Chile to give a
lecture about Debian in "Encuentro de Software Libre y Appropriacion
Social de las nuevas technologias", an event about social and
political impact of FLOSS. I'll probably have to mention FISL and all
what's happening in BR several times.

> with the Debian Booth organization, (2) my lack of knowledge
> of perl, I improved in this item, studying and doing some
> researches, (3) a migration of the server that has my svn,
> which is done and ready to use again. :)
> :: This would need to grab information about the teams using the
> :: dutch/french status system with control messages posted to
> :: the mailing lists.
> 	Yes! I added the pt/pt_BR and it works fine. :-) Some
> tweaky is need, I'm working (and learning). :)

You already use the tag system for status messages in the
-l10n-portuguese mailing list?

OK, it seems we have found the right man, now, who will gather
together all the existing bricks and come with a very nice translation
status framework revamping....

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