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Re: Po-debconf templates

> > Martin did some work in the dl10n Alioth project and I currently use
> > dl10n to monitor po-debconf translation work for fr dans post "[TAF]"
> > calls (Traduction A Faire==Work To Do).
> I've added to the wiki [1] a proposal tag called "NEW" that should cover this.
> I feel that would be better to have non-localized tags in order to
> have an easier task when we will try to expand these things into the
> unified translation framework (tm).

Sure. But you'll have hard time having us abandon our funny TAF tag
(it plays with words as in french slang, "avoir du taf" means "have
some work to do"). :-)

> I really like the way the page looks at [2] and it offers a lot of
> info in such a condensed form.
> Is there a way to expand this kind of statistics to other languages,
> too? (Thinking about RO here :D )

We just need to find someone who can jump in in finally hack the last
little pieces for doing this.

The key things are in the dl10n software from the debian-l10n project
on Alioth.

dl10n, mostly written by Martin Quinson, based om Tim's work for the
dutch team, gathers info from mailing lists and handles a status
database with this info, then produces "reports" for po-debconf and po

It does not generate HTML reports at this moment, but could probably
easily do it.

You can checkout debian-l10n material by anonymous CVS on alioth

Then you can run a script like the one I post at the end of this mail
and get the status for various languages. I ran it for some time for
the fr, nl and ca languages (because I know these 3 teams use the tag system)

The output of this script is what I currently use to monitor the
status for French and warn my fellow colleagues of new and changed

It currently send its output by mail, allowing me to work while being
disconnected (most of my work is done in my daily train/bus ride, as
several people know).

> > Merging this in Denis scripts which generate the "official" status
> > pages is still to be done.
> Please, think big, or should I say bigger.

Please find someone to do the final work..:-)

> > Indeed, it seems that we're still seeking a volunteer to drive all
> > this....:)
> this = ? (excuse my ignorance, please)

The project for setting up a more detailed translation statistics and
status framework.

There is indeed not a lot of things to do : just gather together all
the nice bricks which already exist most of the time.

Script to get po-debconf stats for various languages:

wget -nd http://people.debian.org/~pmachard/l10n/material/data/unstable.gz -O unstable.gz >/dev/null 2>&1
gunzip unstable.gz ; mv unstable data/status
#for i in ca es fr nl tr ; do
for i in fr ; do
    PERLLIB=lib ./dl10n-spider $i >/dev/null
    PERLLIB=lib ./dl10n-txt --assume-bts --show=podebconf -tes $i | mutt -s "Status of templates translations for language $i" bubulle
    PERLLIB=lib ./dl10n-txt --debian --assume-bts --show=po -tes $i | mutt -s "Status of Debian-specific programs translations for language $i" bubulle
CVS_RSH=ssh cvs commit -m "Data updated after dl10n-spider" data/status.*
#PERLLIB=lib ./dl10n-txt --show=podebconf -tes fr

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