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Re: Kurdish locale

Denis Barbier wrote:

to locale contributors.  In this case, the ku_TR locale indeed comes
from Mandriva.
Could you send me the file for review? There is a small bug in it, I think. The word "Mister" has not been translated from Turkish.

Ask them to ship belocs-locales-data ;)
Should we do a mailing-campaign? There is a petitition for a Kurdish Windows. More than 10.000 people have signed - no result. Anyway, we do it ourselves, with linux.

There are 2 packages: belocs-locales-data contains locale definitions,
and depends on belocs-locales-bin which ships patched localedef and
locale-gen programs.
Sorry, I should have mentioned earlier that I did succeed in installing these packs and using the locale with AbiWord.


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