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Re: Packages not using po-debconf - more active actions to come

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Christian Perrier wrote:
| Bringin the power of gettext to debconf (namely "po-debconf") has been
| by far one of the major improvements in Debian's i18n infrastructure
| over last years (it appeared a few weeks after woody's release and
| entered unstable on Oct 1st 2002).
| Nearly all, if not all, translators agree that maintaining
| translations for packages which do NOT use po-debconf is a real pain
| and nearly impossible.
| This is why a huge effort was put to have packages which use debconf
| switch their templates files to the "new" po-debconf style, which
| allows translators to handle their work with the familiar GNU gettext
| tools.
| We are now left with 102 packages which do not use po-debconf. Most
| often these packages have no translation for their templates, or
| translations which are highly outdated, making them useless.
| Most often they are not very actively maintained, or even
| orphaned. Sometimes, their maintainers simply do not care.

I think there might be more than 102 packages left. I don't think the
packages with an embedded tarball in the source are counted?

| Martin Quinson, Michel Grentzinger, myself, André Luis Lopes and a few
| other translators have reported bugs against these packages,
| suggesting they switch to the "new" system, most often providing them
| with a patch.
| This is now time for action...:-). Similarly to what was done with
| longstanding pending translations, I will start a "NMU campaign"
| targeting these packages. This campaign will be made with the same
| care for respecting maintainers work and gently interact with them
| (this has proven efficient for old pending translations).
| We will of course use this opportunity for adding some translations to
| these packages..:-)
| Of course, help on that matter is very welcomed (Luk, Martin, others...).

Yes, I want to help. Any suggestion on what packages to start?


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