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End of the first round of my NMU work for longstanding l10n issues

First of all, this is not the end of all actions for fixing
longstanding l10n issues. I'm just suspending my own work on such
issues as I have now reached my first goal : work on all packages
which have a pending French debconf translation since more than 100

Luk Claes continues to work on some other packages, so translators may
want to stay tuned. I'm switching my attention to the po-debconf
transition topic I bringed in recently.


Number of considered packages                 : 29
Number of updates handled by maintainer       :  9
  (and *really* handled)
Number of updates handled by maintainer       :  7
  (not done yet..or not confirmed)
NMU made by me                                :  9
Work still in progress                        :  1
Updates explicitely refused by maintainer     :  1
Packages finally ignored for various reasons  :  2

As a conclusion, the campaign was successful on 19/29 packages and we
can safely imagine that an update will occur for 7 of those.

There is only one failure with the devfsd package where my objection
to the "package is frozen because base is frozen" argument got no
answer from the maintainer. (I, of course, objected that l10n-only
updates are well welcomed by the release team)

Please find below the list of packages I targeted:

Packages completed (NMU made):
 iterm (1/17)
 lsh-utils (1/24)
 mrtg (1/24)
 viewcvs (1/24 by F. Lichtenheld)
 oops (1/26)
 spamprobe (1/27)
 isoqlog (2/3)
 firebird (2/3)
 diablo (2/10)

Packages still under work:
 apple2 (2nd on 2/13, build on 2/17)

Packages with first notice sent, maintainer refuses the NMU:
 devfsd (package is frozen, says maintainer)

Packages with first notice sent, maintainer makes the update:
 ckermit (package is non free, needs build on all arches, maint will try)
 getmail (will be removed from archive)
 gwhois (maint will handle it...bugs tagged moreinfo, 
          I proposed help, cf 238087)
 spip (should be done by maint before end January. He waits for an
        upstream new release. Not yet done mid-February. French maintainer!)
 opendb (was waiting for upstream changes. Will upload a l10n fixed version
         in the meantime)
 mediamate (maint not comfortable with l10n. I reproposed to handle the whole
            stuff as it involves a templates rewrite. He agreed
	    notice sent to tsl. Patch sent to main on 2/11)
 freeswan (should be removed from sarge, replaced by openswan)

Packages with first notice sent, update made by maintainer
 keychain (done 1/22)
 nap (done 1/24)
 conserver (confirmed 1/25)
 teapop (confirmed 1/25)
 blosxom (done 2/5 a confirmer)
 bindgraph (done 2/3 a confirmer)
 atlas (done by Luk Claes)
 exult (confirmed 2/13)
 ipvsadm (confirmed 2/13)

Packages ignored
 cdebootstrap (l10n disabled, says maintainer)
 ssl-cert (notice sent to maintenance team : Apache team)

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