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Re: Packages not using po-debconf - more active actions to come

On 02/16/05 17:28, Luk Claes wrote:

I think there might be more than 102 packages left. I don't think the
packages with an embedded tarball in the source are counted?

Can you give an example of a package with embedded tarball and debconf templates? Sorry... I'm not very familiar with such practices, but the isn't the tarball the upstream sources and the debian dir is still kept apart and in the diff?

I'm currently scanning this control file:


To make the list I look for packages that have templates but no podebconf templates.

Yes, I want to help. Any suggestion on what packages to start?

I made a small coordination site:


There are still several packages that don't have a "please switch to po-deconf" bug. I guess we should start by sending these bugs...


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