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Re: Packages not using po-debconf - more active actions to come

> I think there might be more than 102 packages left. I don't think the
> packages with an embedded tarball in the source are counted?

Well, my start list was the list of packages on status pages under

The script that generates this pages looks under debian/ for files
named *.templates, IIRC.

You can either work on packages which already have a proposed patch
and thus use a similar NMU scheme than the one for pending

Or you may look for packages *without* patch and propose one. See in
some of these bug reports, those by Martin Quison, for a very good
template to write such reports.

Don't forget that a switch to po-debconf includes editing debian/rules
and debian/control, most often...and not only running debconf-gettextize.

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