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Re: test of debconf po files and some questions...

On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 06:09:26PM +0100, Denis Barbier wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 07, 2003 at 03:06:44PM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:
> [...]
> > have you test some templates? Maybe you (or some other) can write some
> > guide/howto, that we can give the package maintainer?
> I hope that nobody will use them until all problems are fixed;
> at the moment templates-fr.po for anna contains only 2 translated
> strings whereas 5 strings were translated.
> There will always be information loss unless files are extracted
> from source packages.

You should not use the DDTP po file, if you have update/change/ the po
files in your source. 

The DDTP sync its database with the last sid deb package. 

If a package maintainer don't have any own translations for one or more
languages, he can catch the po files for this languages from the DDTP
and include it without any risk. 

In the last days I update some tasks in the daily update process and in
the po file generation. Some translation in the ddtp db has a different
count of parts. Normal this is a bug in the translation, like this one:
|Description: Do you want system wide readable home directories?
| Normally, home directories can be viewed by all users on the system. If
| you want to increase the security/privacy on your system, you might want
| your home directories only readable by the  user. If you are unsure,
| answer yes to enable system wide readable home directories.
| .
| This will only affect home directories of users added with the adduser
| program later.
|Description-pt_BR: Você quer ter seus diretórios 'home' visíveis por todos?
| Normalmente, diretórios home podem ser vistos por todos os usuários do
| sistema. Se você quer aumentar a segurança/privacidade no seu sistema,
| você pode querer seu diretório home visível apenas para o usuário. Se você
| não tem certeza, responda sim para habilitar diretórios home visíveis
| por qualquer pessoa.

(use 'see' the missing last part in the translation...)

I mark this translations in the po files with the fuzzy tag. 

Now the server make a WARNING.txt file with all such templates. I will inform
the ddtp translators to check and update this descriptions.

If you have some time, test the po files and the other files. Maybe I
will find someone, who can write a guide and we can start using all this

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