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[RFC] The PIE unholy mess Bug#851729: hurd: exe filename missing for some processes Bug#853094: scrot-0.8-18: feature addition Failure: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/299 Fattura TIM linea Fissa - Gennaio 2017 - scadenza 12/01/2017 gnumach_1.8+git20170102-1_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd-i386 images hurd_0.9.git20170102-1_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable hurd_0.9.git20170117-1_hurd-i386.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Processed: Bug#851729 marked as pending Processed: tagging 851729 Processing of gnumach_1.8+git20170102-1_hurd-i386.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20170102-1_hurd-i386.changes Processing of hurd_0.9.git20170117-1_hurd-i386.changes Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/288 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/289 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/290 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/291 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/292 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/293 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/294 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/295 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/296 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/297 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/300 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/301 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/302 Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian_sid_daily_hurd_lxde/303 unmet dependencies The last update was on 06:04 GMT Thu Jun 06. There are 39 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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