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Re: Crosshurd and RAM

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 01:42:07PM -0600, minotti@brunitika.ch wrote:
> > Then something went wrong, because the apt package certainly is in the
> > set of packages to install.  Which version of crosshurd did you use?
> 1.7.33 with debian-ports unreleased and debian sid
> (ftp.<mirror>.debian.org/debian) repository.
> I'm running a debian squeeze with debian Linux kernel 2.6.26 (revision 15,
> i386).
> Like describe on my last mail, I had to patch the mach with the "samuel
> patch" (on vorlast mail) to boot with more then 768 Mb RAM.
> > you don't have the /etc/fstab file, 
> > Did you run "native-install" after booting into your Hurd?
> I run "native-install" one time after boot on single user mode (I although
> try to export the TERM=mach without difference); the installer "installed"
> a lot of packages, however with a lot of dependencies problems. I could
> anyway setup my region and my time-zone till the end of the installer (at
> least I mean).

OK, maybe something is broken in unstable then, which makes
native-install exit early (it should setup fstab at some point I

If you could have a look for obvious errors during package installation,
and also what native-install writes out at the end, that would be


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