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Crosshurd and RAM

Hi everybody!

In the last time I wasn't more able to install debian gnu/hurd with crosshurd and I didn't really know why! After a problem with the installation CD (of debian gnu/hurd, K16), after more essay with different partitions, I did loose my /boot partition and after installing a new kernel I thought the problem was in it. With the installation CD I was able to install debian gnu/hurd, but with crosshurd, after the boot, before that the mach could start I had a reboot...

Today I found the bug: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=226609

The "news" is of 2004, but the problem is the same. I thought: I tried everything, why not? I then did remember, that after my first essay with crosshurd I put 1.25 Gb RAM in my PC (before I had 256 Mb + 512 Mb; I changed with 256 Mb + 1 Gb). Actually with 256 Mb I've got no problem to boot the mach after install with crosshurd.



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