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Re: Crosshurd and RAM

On Sat, Jun 13, 2009 at 12:42:28AM +0200, Bruno Minotti wrote:
> But crosshurd still not to be a great  method to install debian
> GNU/Hurd; after the installation there's a lot  of things that aren't
> right setup: 

Certainly it has its rough edges.

> you don't have the apt package  installed, 

Then something went wrong, because the apt package certainly is in the
set of packages to install.  Which version of crosshurd did you use?

> you don't have the /etc/fstab file, 

Did you run "native-install" after booting into your Hurd?

> it's not possible to set  the network with pfinet, 

You need to be more specific here - I guess it is the same problem as
above, i.e. native-install did not setup the core translators.


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