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Re: Crosshurd and RAM

Samuel Thibault wrote:

Ok, making the zalloc area bigger needs more virtual memory, the
attached patch should fix it.


The patch was great! After understand how get the source of gnumach on my debian GNU/Linux it wasn't to difficult to recompile the kernel and change it with the binaries obtained with crosshurd. I could then start the mach with my 1.25 Gb RAM. But crosshurd still not to be a great method to install debian GNU/Hurd; after the installation there's a lot of things that aren't right setup: you don't have the apt package installed, you don't have the /etc/fstab file, it's not possible to set the network with pfinet, ... With the CD (K16) the things are better, but I can't anyway setup my network... I will study this problem in the next time...



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