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Re: Crosshurd and RAM

On Sat, 13 Jun 2009 14:48:26 +0530, Deepak Jangid <sharpdeepak@gmail.com>
> some time debian K -XX CD is better option to install....

With the CD K16 I can't setup the network anyway (same situation like with
crosshurd), but the rest work fine.

However, my objective isn't to install the debian gnu/hurd, but understand
how my favorite operating system can work with the Hurd. With my debian
community (http://www.debianizzati.org) we start a project
(http://e-zine.debianizzati.org) of a debian italian review and I try to
support the category "debian GNU/Hurd".

If with this messagge I made too much "spam" with the posted addresses I
apologise for that.


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