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Re: where do NEW packages go?

#include <hallo.h>
Jeroen Dekkers wrote on Sun May 19, 2002 um 12:59:53PM:
> > There is no comparison.  You making the above stmt says enough about your
> > thinking process.
> No, I want to show you how you think. People keep telling 'the Hurd
> should be ported to Debian instead of Debian to the Hurd'. The fact is
> that the Hurd isn't our next new editor, but GNU/Hurd is a complete
> other OS. That's kind of a difference.

Why do you use the term "port" here? "Debian" defines a base structure
for an complete operating system. "Debian GNU/Hurd" implies beeing part
of Debian, so it has to fit into Debian's structure (defined by the
Policy). When you need some modifiecation of the standard, define it in
the Debian policy as Hurd-specific stuff.

I still cannot see what does make you think Hurd were a completely
different OS. It may have another kernel, but Unix-like concepts in
userspace and some arch-specific packages. It is Debian.

> I can also tell it on your level, if you understand that better: You
> are just too stupid to understand the difference between our next new

And you seem to be keen on claiming your own opinion to be the ultimate
truth. Go away.

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