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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Sun, May 19, 2002 at 01:41:56PM +0200, Eduard Bloch wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> Jeroen Dekkers wrote on Sun May 19, 2002 um 12:59:53PM:
> > > There is no comparison.  You making the above stmt says enough about your
> > > thinking process.
> > 
> > No, I want to show you how you think. People keep telling 'the Hurd
> > should be ported to Debian instead of Debian to the Hurd'. The fact is
> > that the Hurd isn't our next new editor, but GNU/Hurd is a complete
> > other OS. That's kind of a difference.
> Why do you use the term "port" here? "Debian" defines a base structure
> for an complete operating system. 

Because we aren't porting GNU/Linux to a new processor. Debian only
defines the base structure for the GNU/Linux operating system. Not for
*BSD and GNU/Hurd. That's why *BSD and GNU/Hurd ports are having

> "Debian GNU/Hurd" implies beeing part
> of Debian, so it has to fit into Debian's structure (defined by the
> Policy). When you need some modifiecation of the standard, define it in
> the Debian policy as Hurd-specific stuff.

That's true. But the infrastructure was designed for GNU/Linux
only. Now there are GNU/Hurd and *BSD too. Because of that, we need to
rethink the infrastructure. I want GNU/Hurd to be part of Debian, but
to make that possible there are changes needed for Debian.

> I still cannot see what does make you think Hurd were a completely
> different OS. It may have another kernel, but Unix-like concepts in
> userspace and some arch-specific packages. It is Debian.

Have you ever taken the time to study what the Hurd is? Because
1) You think the Hurd is an OS. That's wrong, GNU is the OS.
2) You think the the GNU system isn't a new OS, while most developers
   of it including the one who started it and the developers of the
   Hurd say it's another operating system.

With a few exceptions, GNU is written from scratch to be a new OS. If
you want to know more about all this, I suggest you start reading the
GNU website. I think the GNU manifesto is a good start.

Why is it that difficult to see that Debian GNU/Hurd is a distribution
of the GNU operating system? And Debian BSD a distribution of the BSD
operating system?

> > I can also tell it on your level, if you understand that better: You
> > are just too stupid to understand the difference between our next new
> And you seem to be keen on claiming your own opinion to be the ultimate
> truth. Go away.

No, it's just that nobody convinced me that my opinion is
wrong. Instead they start saying that I can't know etc. That isn't
really convincing and only give me the feeling that I'm right.

And be happy, I am going away! It's just that I defend my point of
view for the last time. If this thread is ended, I'll unsubscribe.

Jeroen Dekkers
Jabber ID: jdekkers@jabber.org  IRC ID: jeroen@openprojects
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