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Re: where do NEW packages go?

On Sun, 19 May 2002, Eduard Bloch wrote:

> Why do you use the term "port" here? "Debian" defines a base structure
> for an complete operating system. "Debian GNU/Hurd" implies beeing part
> of Debian, so it has to fit into Debian's structure (defined by the
> Policy). When you need some modifiecation of the standard, define it in
> the Debian policy as Hurd-specific stuff.

However Debian's base structure was defined with a single os in mind,
GNU/Linux.  Now that the Hurd and the BSDs are coming on the scene we are
in a very different space.  It is not enough to modify this structure, but
we need to examine how we go about creating the structure.

> I still cannot see what does make you think Hurd were a completely
> different OS. It may have another kernel, but Unix-like concepts in
> userspace and some arch-specific packages. It is Debian.

If the Hurd were just another form of *nix then no one would be bothering
with it.  There are radical differences, some of which are still been
worked on.  Other Hurd people could enumerate these better than I can.  I
repeat what I said above, Debian has been defined against the background
of a single os, GNU/Linux.

A couple of random thoughts that might be work considering.
1.  GNU/Hurd _may_ be the GNU os of choice in five years time.
2.  How are/would other GNU/Linux distributions handle the Hurd, e.g. Red
Hat and Slackware?


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