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Re: where do NEW packages go?

* Adam Heath writes:
>> Have you actually ever read arch-handling.txt? It was written in
>> 1999.

> Does it matter?  Really?  How stable was hurd back then?  What hurd ready to
> be unleashed on the wild?

The first release of GNU was made in 1997.

>> Are you sure? GNU/Hurd = the GNU system, started 7 years (or more?)
>> before Debian was started or Linux was created. There have been more
>> developers hacking on that than on Debian.

> No, GNU is GNU, GNU/hurd is GNU working on top of hurd.  The '/' between the
> words means they are separate, not one.

No, GNU is GNU/Hurd.  GNU/Hurd is only used to clarify things. To
quote RMS:

From: Richard Stallman <rms@gnu.org>
To: Donny.Phillips@london.waii.com
Subject: Re: GNU/Curd

    Calling it simply "Debian
    GNU" will confuse the hell out of a lot of people. "Debian GNU/Hurd"
    will give it a better and more distinguishable identity.

GNU and GNU/Hurd are two names for the same system; the latter name
emphasizes the fact that the kernel is the Hurd.  It is useful to
emphasize that when making a contrast with GNU/Linux.  In this
context, we want to make that emphasis.

    PS I may have been dreaming, but I'm pretty sure I read messages on
    this list some time ago that implied that "Debian GNU/Hurd" had
    already been decided on as the official name.

Yes, that is its official name, and the reason is that this is a place
where it is useful to make the contrast with GNU/Linux.

Please stop spreading lies,
Alfred M. Szmidt

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