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Re: GNUmach kernel parameters?

No offence meant, Jeff. Apologies but the original message had been
lost in the thread. Here's the original post:

Hello everybody!

I'm getting back to the Hurd and have, at least, started using it
on my gateway machine at home. I've so far had no problems, of course,
but I have a small issue that bugs me a bit.

In Linux there is the kernel parameters to decide what ethernet card
gets to be eth0 and any other one automatically gets called eth1.
Is there any such kernel parameter to GNUmach when I call it from
grub, or do I have to build myself a new kernel?

My setup is two ISA cards, one 3c509 and one NE2000. In Linux the
3c509 automatically (without any specific kernel parameters) gets
to be eth0 (@irq 9) and the NE2000 is my eth1 (@irq 5). In GNUmach
it's the reversed, what dictates the order in Mach?

On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 08:32:42AM -0700, Jeff Bailey wrote:
> 1) I don't see a question here.  (Or at least, there's nothing that
> ends with a question mark.)
> 2) I did point out to him that his assumptions were wrong.  A couple
> have now pointed out that drivers are possible in userspace, and even
> a goal of ours.
> What are you looking for?


da Bobstopper
(Public Key available at http://bobturf.australispro.com.au/publickey.html)

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