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Re: "Small" Bug - silly question again

On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 08:41:59PM +0100, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 16, 2000 at 07:59:15PM +0100, Zsombor Gergely wrote:
> > Everybody seems to know what the login shell is useful for.
> > I am an unfortunate exception. Please, explain me this!
> You are desperately in need for a shell, to read your email (via IMAP),
> browse the net, check a domain name, or whatever. A machine is nearby
> running the Hurd.
> You go to the machine and use it.
> Thanks,
> Marcus

Ok, I started this thread, and I think it's time I make another comment
here.  I see your example here, someone needing a shell to read email or
browse the net, check a domain, etc.  Here's scenerio #2:  Evil Cracker
at the university needs a shell he can use to telnet into a machine he
has obtained the passwords to illegally.  A machine is nearby running
the Hurd.......   Think about it.  Sure, the idea of it is revolutionary,
but should it really be included by default on every installation of
the Hurd?  I think there should at least be in option in the installation.

Alan P. Laudicina

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