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Re: "Small" Bug - silly question again

Hello Marcus Brinkmann!

 On Thu, 16 March 2000 at 20:41:59, you wrote:
 > You go to the machine and use it.

Reminds me of a transcript of a lecture RMS gave in Sweden:


   Another thing that we didn't have at the AI lab was file protection.
   There was no security at all on the computer. And we very consciously
   wanted it that way. The hackers who wrote the Incompatible Timesharing
   System decided that file protection was usually used by a self-styled
   system manager to get power over everyone else. They didn't want
   anyone to be able to get power over them that way, so they didn't
   implement that kind of a feature. The result was, that whenever
   something in the system was broken, you could always fix it. You never
   had to sit there in frustration because there was NO WAY, because you
   knew exactly what's wrong, and somebody had decided they didn't trust
   you to do it. You don't have to give up and go home, waiting for
   someone to come in in the morning and fix the system when you know ten
   times as well as he does what needs to be done.


I guess a default shell with no privileges is the best compromise
one can get these days - this way you will at least be able to use
the system to some extend without breaking barred doors down first.
Besides - if people want others to be able to fix problems they can
always use the empty password on privileged accounts. ;-)


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