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Re: My status report

On Mon, Nov 16, 1998 at 01:57:52PM -0500, Ed Boraas wrote:
> On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> >On Sat, Nov 14, 1998 at 03:35:54PM -0500, Ed Boraas wrote:
> >> If not, what's broken?
> >
> >Not very much. Mainly that the current libc does not support file locking
> >(yick!) and that dpkg reports the wrong architecture.
> cute :)

:) It gave me a major headache. I don't know how much hours I spend into the
dpkg build tree. Did I tell you that the sources are a mess^H^H^H^H quite

> >> I'm willing to help dig out bugs in the deb tool sources, or in
> >> the source of the packages depended on by them.
> >
> >Ed, I appreciate your efforts. However, I'm afraid that dpkg and friends
> >could be too much of a burden for you (the dpkg sources are a bit ...
> >evolved over time... messy...), and I really already did spend some time in
> >them, so it would be doubled effort (in fact I am planning to concentrate on
> >dpkg in the future _again_, so we have proper Debian packages [remark: there
> >actually _is_ a tar file with Debian tools. Check my home page below])
> Ahh... i hadn't realized that there was such a tarball lying around.
> Thanks for the pointer... this should help me get going on other packages.
> Great!

Actually, if you have Debian installed as your Linux system, you just need
to install dpkg-dev for cross-building of packages (and use a few wrapper
> >If you would like to help, you could see and try if you have problems to
> >compile the base packages (ncurses, bash, _perl_) and fix problems with
> >them. We all do cross compilation, so you may want to check it, too.

UPDATE: ncurses is done.
> I'm not very familiar with cross-compilation, although i do have the
> "cheap" (make-cross) cross-compiler up and running. I haven't had to do
> that kind of work in the past. I'll get myself familiarized with
> x-compilers as soon as i get a chance.

Yes, try it. It works quite good, but one has to learn some hackery the hard
way along the way.
> >Perl _is_ important. Many Debian scripts are written in perl.
> Perl5 binaries are included in the GNU 0.2 distribution, so it couldn't be
> too awfully broken. I'll check that out sometime after i get home today,
> at least briefly.

Try to build it from the debian source. I couldn't even get it to configure.
I wish you more luck!
> >Mmmh. You should really extract the files from the Debian packages I
> >uploaded (gnumach, hurd, glibc2). You can extract them with ar and tar. They
> >are compiled from new upstream snap shots and fix some very nasty bugs.
> OK, i'll snag those. Does the installation of libc6 break any (all? <g>)
> of the existing GNU binaries?

No. It's the same soname (the same sources, even).
> I'll be spending the next while getting really familiar with mach and
> hurd, and at the same time learning more about deb packages. I'm looking
> forward to the fun! :)



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