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Re: problem installing deb packages


sorry for the delay, somehow this message "slipped through", and I didn't
notice it until now.

On Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 02:24:30PM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
>  >> In order to run dpkg, I had to create the tree var/lib/dpkg under
>  >> the Hurd root partition, and some empty files under it, namely:
>  >> available status updates/ (an empty directory).
> I also created a `var/lib/dpkg/info' directory.

Yes, dpkg needs some initial files. Creating empty files is fine.
>  >> I've installed gnumach, hurd and glibc packages successfully.
>  >> However, I get the following message when trying to install
>  >> base-files, shellutils and textutils: dpkg (subprocess): unable to
>  >> execute new pre-installation script: No such file or directory
> I get this message too.
> It looks a lot like a bug with dpkg, but I don't know what is
> happening.  It is too bad that dpkg doesn't ever tell you *where* the
> `No such file or directory' was, or I'd have some idea of what to look
> at next.

This is because package scripts are run in a chroot'ed environment. Now, the
linux binaries can't be seen in the chroot'ed environment. Only gnu binaries
can. If you have no binaries installed, it doesn't find them. If you have,
the linker will complain because hurd binaries can't run under linux.

The solution is not to -i (install) the software but just to --unpack it.
Then it is not configured, and you can run "dpkg --pending --configure"
later after booting hurd (assuming we have dpkg working for the hurd).
> Perhaps you should file this as a bug against dpkg,

No. Implement binary compatibility in both directions, and it works fine :)
The error message indicates that there was no /bin/sh on the gnu partition.


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