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Re: My status report

   Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 13:57:52 -0500 (EST)
   From: Ed Boraas <ed@tao.ca>

   >Perl _is_ important. Many Debian scripts are written in perl.

   Perl5 binaries are included in the GNU 0.2 distribution, so it couldn't be
   too awfully broken. I'll check that out sometime after i get home today,
   at least briefly.

I did compile the latest Perl5 on my Hurd a week ago.  There were some
small problems (a typo and some problems with perl thinking that Linux
us used when GNU libc is detected).  If anybody is interested, I can
mail the relevant patches and configuration files.

   >> I was first running ghhk, but later
   >> decided to replace it with the official gnu-0.2 distribution so that i
   >> could use the time i would have spend cross-compiling everything to get a
   >> useful system more effectively working on things that need to get done for
   >> the future of the debian hurd project.
   >Mmmh. You should really extract the files from the Debian packages I
   >uploaded (gnumach, hurd, glibc2). You can extract them with ar and tar. They
   >are compiled from new upstream snap shots and fix some very nasty bugs.

   OK, i'll snag those. Does the installation of libc6 break any (all? <g>)
   of the existing GNU binaries?

The Hurd has always been using glibc2 (which on linux is libc6, but on
the hurd is libc0.2).  So there should be no problem.  


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