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Re: My status report

On Sat, Nov 14, 1998 at 03:35:54PM -0500, Ed Boraas wrote:
> I have a fully functional native gcc-2.7 on my hurd partition with which
> to work. Will the deb tools compile on hurd at this stage?

Yes, but not out of the box.

> If not, what's broken?

Not very much. Mainly that the current libc does not support file locking
(yick!) and that dpkg reports the wrong architecture.

Did I mention that sometimes the gzip child process seems to die for unknown

> I'm willing to help dig out bugs in the deb tool sources, or in
> the source of the packages depended on by them.

Ed, I appreciate your efforts. However, I'm afraid that dpkg and friends
could be too much of a burden for you (the dpkg sources are a bit ...
evolved over time... messy...), and I really already did spend some time in
them, so it would be doubled effort (in fact I am planning to concentrate on
dpkg in the future _again_, so we have proper Debian packages [remark: there
actually _is_ a tar file with Debian tools. Check my home page below])

If you would like to help, you could see and try if you have problems to
compile the base packages (ncurses, bash, _perl_) and fix problems with
them. We all do cross compilation, so you may want to check it, too.

Perl _is_ important. Many Debian scripts are written in perl.
> Another quick qn: Is it safe to replace the binaries from the gnu-0.2
> package with those of the ghhk?


> I was first running ghhk, but later
> decided to replace it with the official gnu-0.2 distribution so that i
> could use the time i would have spend cross-compiling everything to get a
> useful system more effectively working on things that need to get done for
> the future of the debian hurd project.

Mmmh. You should really extract the files from the Debian packages I
uploaded (gnumach, hurd, glibc2). You can extract them with ar and tar. They
are compiled from new upstream snap shots and fix some very nasty bugs.
> Also: I noticed a comment on Marcus' page that the latest GNUMach
> snapshots don't compile... is this still true? What is the latest
> post-1.1.3 version of gnumach that's usable?

No, this is not true any longer, thanks for mentioning. My latest upload was
"gnumach_19981025-1_hurd-i386.deb". Not much has changed, though.

> In any case, this is mainly just a note to let people know i'm out here
> and ready to help this thing move.

Welcome! I hope I can provide you with native Debian tools for the hurd
soon. However, there is a lot that can be done even without dpkg and friends.

Thank you,

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