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Re: My status report

On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Marcus Brinkmann wrote:

>On Sat, Nov 14, 1998 at 03:35:54PM -0500, Ed Boraas wrote:
>> I have a fully functional native gcc-2.7 on my hurd partition with which
>> to work. Will the deb tools compile on hurd at this stage?
>Yes, but not out of the box.
>> If not, what's broken?
>Not very much. Mainly that the current libc does not support file locking
>(yick!) and that dpkg reports the wrong architecture.

cute :)

>Did I mention that sometimes the gzip child process seems to die for unknown
>> I'm willing to help dig out bugs in the deb tool sources, or in
>> the source of the packages depended on by them.
>Ed, I appreciate your efforts. However, I'm afraid that dpkg and friends
>could be too much of a burden for you (the dpkg sources are a bit ...
>evolved over time... messy...), and I really already did spend some time in
>them, so it would be doubled effort (in fact I am planning to concentrate on
>dpkg in the future _again_, so we have proper Debian packages [remark: there
>actually _is_ a tar file with Debian tools. Check my home page below])

Ahh... i hadn't realized that there was such a tarball lying around.
Thanks for the pointer... this should help me get going on other packages.

>If you would like to help, you could see and try if you have problems to
>compile the base packages (ncurses, bash, _perl_) and fix problems with
>them. We all do cross compilation, so you may want to check it, too.

I'm not very familiar with cross-compilation, although i do have the
"cheap" (make-cross) cross-compiler up and running. I haven't had to do
that kind of work in the past. I'll get myself familiarized with
x-compilers as soon as i get a chance.

>Perl _is_ important. Many Debian scripts are written in perl.

Perl5 binaries are included in the GNU 0.2 distribution, so it couldn't be
too awfully broken. I'll check that out sometime after i get home today,
at least briefly.

>> I was first running ghhk, but later
>> decided to replace it with the official gnu-0.2 distribution so that i
>> could use the time i would have spend cross-compiling everything to get a
>> useful system more effectively working on things that need to get done for
>> the future of the debian hurd project.
>Mmmh. You should really extract the files from the Debian packages I
>uploaded (gnumach, hurd, glibc2). You can extract them with ar and tar. They
>are compiled from new upstream snap shots and fix some very nasty bugs.

OK, i'll snag those. Does the installation of libc6 break any (all? <g>)
of the existing GNU binaries?

>> In any case, this is mainly just a note to let people know i'm out here
>> and ready to help this thing move.
>Welcome! I hope I can provide you with native Debian tools for the hurd
>soon. However, there is a lot that can be done even without dpkg and friends.

I'll be spending the next while getting really familiar with mach and
hurd, and at the same time learning more about deb packages. I'm looking
forward to the fun! :)

Take care,

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