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stifb broken on PCI - was: Upgrade woes - was Re: install/update/upgrade dance

On 05/24/2013 02:51 AM, John David Anglin wrote:
> On 23-May-13, at 8:36 PM, Dave Land wrote:
>> May 23 10:48:21 hpviz kernel: [    1.880000] STI GSC/PCI core graphics driver V$
>> May 23 10:48:21 hpviz kernel: [    1.880000] sti 0000:01:01.0: enabling SERR an$
>> May 23 10:48:21 hpviz kernel: [    1.884000] STI PCI graphic ROM found at fffff$
>> *May 23 10:48:21 hpviz kernel: [    1.952000] Unable to handle STI device '0000:$*
> This is exactly the problem that I see.

Me too :-(

On my 32bit "old" parisc machine 715/64 with GSC bus it still works.

But on all my PCI machines it fails the same way.
Same result as Dave: pdc_add_valid() returns error.

For me it seems something has changed wrt PCI.

I tried to debug it somewhat, but I have no clue.
Maybe this commit is somewhat related: ?

commit 39c2462e163448c7df466c7262109ec6a24d5f88
Author: Bjorn Helgaas <bhelgaas@google.com>
Date:   Thu Feb 23 20:19:03 2012 -0700
    parisc/PCI: get rid of device resource fixups
    Tell the PCI core about host bridge address translation so it can take
    care of bus-to-resource conversion for us.


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