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Upgrade woes - was Re: install/update/upgrade dance

Well, back to square one. If you can't get it to boot, you can't do anything including accessing the disc to add/remove kernels, etc. This is the last time I will go through this, and unless someone is willing to take the time to create a netboot.iso that we can boot into an updated kernel and point it to http://www.parisc-linux.org/debian unstable main for the install, there's not much point in trying to upgrade. I just re-loaded from the Lenny CD's once again and used wget to retrieve the new kernel and config, ran the tar xf command from / and once again the new kernel shows up in /boot. Made sure there was plenty of extra room there and re-booted. Got to 'interact with the IPL' and it just hangs with a message about no magic LIF or some such thing. I'm going to throw this thing back into storage until a more stable install solution is available. I've wasted enough time on it for one week. :(

Dave Land
Land Computer Service

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