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HPPA autofs broken?

I just upgraded my autofs (using apt-get upgrade) and autofs will no longer
start.  I beat my head against it for a while, upgraded to the newest modutils,
even tried the beta autofs packages but to no avail.

It *used* to work before the "upgrade" and I don't know if I have some errors
in my config file (under the new version) or if there is a problem with the
autofs package.

Here are the errors I am getting:

==> daemon.log <==
Feb 24 18:25:15 trinsic automount[1152]: failed to load map, exiting
Feb 24 18:25:15 trinsic automount[1215]: failed to load map, exiting

I get the same errors in syslog and daemon.log, one error per entry in the
autofs.master file.

My auto.master file:


trinsic:~# cat /etc/auto.master
/home                    yp     auto_home       nfsvers=2
/uusoc/facility          yp     auto_facility   nfsvers=2
/uusoc/scratch           yp     auto_scratch


Seems fairly simple to me.  It's the one we run on all of our other Linux

Any ideas?  I've spent a couple hours on it...found several issues and fixed
them, but nothing seems to help this problem.

I found debian bug 292981 on a similar topic:


So I upgraded to the newest unstable package
(autofs_4.1.3+4.1.4beta2-3_hppa.deb), but it did not help.


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