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FW: Can't mount F0 partition as /BOOT

Looks like things have changed since I first put Debian-hppa on my J6000. I
finally got 2.4.17-32 loaded and running after realizing that someone
changed things so that you no longer mount /boot at install, you just greate
a bootable f0 partition and the rest happens by magic, except, of course,
you have to change palo.conf to (in my case) point to 1/vmlinux instead of
1/boot/vmlinux. Next I made the mistake of loading 2.4.26-32-smp and, when I
finally got that to load (you have to point the recoverykernel to the
2.4.26-32-smp image too or otherwise it just keeps loading 2.4.17-32), I got
... "Searching for devices" again. Enough for one day!

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Subject: Can't mount F0 partition as /BOOT


	I am rebuilding my J6000. I boot from the official Debian hppa install cd,
partition the disks, making a nice 64MB F0 partition that I mark as
bootable, a swap partition and several Linux partitions, initialize the
swap, and then...

	I hit the button to initialze a disk and low and behold the boot partition
I set up is not among the partitions that pop up to be initialized. If I do
"View Paritions", there is sda1 and it's marked --Not Available--.

	I'm sure it's something simple, but I can't see what I'm doing wrong. Your
help will be appreciated.



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