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Re: Could you allow me to switch DMUA flag?

On 12-02-28 at 09:21pm, Kiwamu Okabe wrote:
> I have a question about debian/rules file.
> What CDBS_BUILD_DEPENDS and deps-{stems,doc,prof} lines mean?

They are used for CDBS dependency handling.

CDBS_BUILD_DEPENDS gets applied to the build-dependencies in the control 
file when executing CDBS-related rules in "maintainer" mode, like this:

  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean

Each word in deps-stems is expanded to libghc-*-doc and libghc-%-prof 
and then included in CDBS_BUILD_DEPENDS.

> I specify packages depended by new pandoc in debian/control file.
> Should I also specify them in debian/rules file?

You need not if you don't want to.  It will not break anything to 
instead edit the control file directly.  Every time I use the CDBS 
maintainer mode, I doublecheck the cause of changes to the control file, 
and adapt control.in and rules files if the cause is that someone else 
edited the control file directly.

But if you (like me) see how it is more convenient to use CDBS 
maintainer mode, you are quite welcome to join me :-)

Generally, however, please commit manual changes separately from 
autogenerated ones.  I.e. if you use the CDBS maintainer mode, then do 
one commit for applying package (build-)dependency hints to rules and 
control.in files, and _another_ commit with the auto-generated uppdated 
control file.  That way it is easier to later revert or cherry-pick 
manual changes.

I typically commit all auto-generated files together, like this:

  QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt push -a
  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 debian/rules pre-build
  DEB_MAINTAINER_MODE=1 fakeroot debian/rules clean
  QUILT_PATCHES=debian/patches quilt pop -a
  mv debian/copyright_newhints debian/copyright_hints
  [edit debian/copyright to reflect changed hints]
  git commit -m "Some sensible message." debian/copyright
  git dch -a
  [edit debian/changelog to make best possible sense]
  git status [ensuring only auto-generated files are pending]
  git commit -m "Update changelog, control file and copyright hints." -a

Only when pre-build fails do I juggle with copyright_hints and edit 
copyright file.

 - Jonas

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