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Re: haskell-debian vs. newest HaXml


Am Donnerstag, den 10.09.2009, 12:20 +0300 schrieb Antti-Juhani
> > As such, I think the solution to this issue is to do a package named
> HaXml1.13
> > and keep the HaXml package tracking the latest Hackage version.
> I'd recommend against that.  There's no reason to continue breaking
> existing
> packages.  The 1.19 version should be called haxml-devel, following
> upstream's
> lead.

if it turns out that HaXml-1.19 is indeed a development version and not
needed by anything in Debian, I’d suggest to just switch back to 1.13
(using an epoch version) and not package -1.19 until there is a good
reason to do so, to reduce the amount of packages we have.


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