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Re: haskell-debian vs. newest HaXml

On Sep 9, 2009, at 3:07 AM, Joachim Breitner wrote:
The debian directory in Debain is what we use to build -- so it "works
for us".

Do you use a modified hlibrary.mk, with patches to install binaries in
the correct location? I think the inclusion of that was stalled during

Yeah. I guess that is part of 'works for us' ;) We are not very particular about having the binaries split up or anything like that. We have no particular interest in maintaining a separate debianization from what debian uses.

I see that neither you nor David is a member of the Debian Haskell Group at https://alioth.debian.org/projects/pkg-haskell/. Not sure if this was discussed before: Did you consider joining the group and maintaining the package here? (If not, that’s ok, I’m sure someone else will pick up the

No, but we could consider it.

I wouldn’t call the issue big, but it definitely is an issue: Two
packages going through main, proper buildd queuing to be taken care of
etc. I’m happy to see Extra in Debian once there is actually code shared
by several packages in it, of course. For now, I’d appreciate if you’d
copy the functions over. It will definitely speed up inclusion in

Moving the required code from Extra has proven more difficult than expected. Originally I was thinking it was only 6-8 lines. But it turned out that those functions depend on other functions in Extra, and so now there is a lot of code I had to copy in.

Then, to make things worse, some of the code includes a type class and some instances. The problem is there are other libraries (haskell- debian-repo and autobuilder) that depend on that type class and want to integrate with the code in haskell-debian that depends on that type class. But, that does not work, because the copy of the type class in the haskell-debian package is different than the version that lives in Extra.

This seems like a lot of hackery for the sole purpose of avoiding the addition of a single library to the debian repository. I know how to make everything compile again, but it means that people who want to depend on the CIO type class need to depend on the Debian library, even though CIO has nothing to do with the Debian library, aside from the fact that the Debian library uses it.

What would I need to do if I wanted to instead get Extra into debian, and leave haskell-debian alone?

Also, I am not going to worry about the HaXml stuff in haskell-debian until we know what versions of HaXml are going to end up in Debian itself. I am inclined to just leave it depending on HaXml 1.13.x since it seems like that won't be going away anytime soon. 1.13 has been the stable release for many years now, and in my experience, almost every library that depends on HaXml uses 1.13. (and 1.19 is not backwards compatible).

- jeremy

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