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RE: Minimal Base Install.

> >Could you please stop to blame the whole of Gnome for this 
> bug in gdm?
> >
> >  
> >
> I don't think I'm doing that.
> If I didn't have any appreciation for Gnome over KDE and even Open 
> Office, I wouldn't persist. Gnumeric is at least the 
> practical working 
> equivalent of Excel, for example.
> What I was commenting on was the list of dependencies for gnome-core, 
> have you checked them out? A lot of them are unnecessary when 
> they are 
> obviously available in another form elsewhere, and arguably 
> better. Report-bug in place of bug-buddy for example. I think 
> that plenty of 
> other examples could be found.
> Regards,

There is a reason for that.  gnome-core exists so that someone who wants a
gnome system can install it all at once, and then they will have everything
that is expected to be available when they are using the "Gnome Environment"
- This is not what you want, so don't worry about it.

this is a little bit like complaining that xfce4 depends on xfwm4, when you
already get by perfectly well with fvwm or something...


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