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Re: Week 8 hate

On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 09:14:57AM -0500, Sean Harshbarger wrote:


> > <snip>
> > Are there any decent gtk2 GUI burning software out there? Something comparable
> > to KDE's K3B?
> http://coaster.sf.net That is my major project I am working on...writing
> the underlying library code ATM. Should be ready for a offical gnome2.4
> release.

  I'd like to see some kind of cooperation between you and gtoaster
  upstream for at least writing the backend. Gtoaster needs a 2.2
  version, and perhaps you could try to coordinate and help with the
  lower library, though on that each one builts it's own interface.

  You can reach him at Andreas Eckleder <A.Eckleder@gmx.de>
  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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