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Week 8 hate

Sorry I should file bug reports about this somewhere, however I hope someone here
may take interest in my comments/rantings;

Stuff that piss me off with Gnome2 in Debian 

Actions->Lock screen is not working.

When I select an mp3, it plays with mpg123. It works granted, but how to do you stop playing it?
You have to go into a shell, find the process and kill it manually.
please, why isn't the default association with XMMS?

Using Gnome Terminal. Why doesn't ALT+1 work in say IRSSI for choosing channels?
In Konsole it works.

How do I reset something to it's defaults? Say I select some dodgy font
accidentally, and I forget which one was the default (in Gnome Terminal)?
My euro key still does not work. :/

When I go to bed, and I want to turn off my computer, I have to open a root
terminal and init 0. I have configured gdm to log me in conveniently when my machine boots,
so at the moment when I log out (I think that is what you supposed to do), and shut down, it 
instead logs me back in. Why can't we have a little itty button to shutdown?

Is there any python gnome gtk2 applet examples so I code a little tea count
down timer?  I noticed RH8 "update applet" was written in python, but I did
not manage to rip it down to its bare essentials.

When I click on a URL. Can I please open in a (background) tab in Mozilla? When I
select urls, I think the default action is to spawn a new window. Very

What is Network Servers, and how does it work? 

When I pop in a CD, no CD icon appears like in RH. Why not?

In the metacity setup, why can't it figure out what Metacity it is using? It
is quite ridiculous to ask me what Metacity version I am running. How the hell
am I supposed to know or *care* for that matter.

Are there any decent gtk2 GUI burning software out there? Something comparable
to KDE's K3B?

There is no immediate feedback that a double clicked icon in my desktop is
launching. I double click say the mozilla icon. And I am sure it is loading,
so I double click it again. See the problem?

Why is there a little bit of space left on the bottom of a maximized Gnome
Terminal? Other apps maximize properly.

Would be good if I could save screenshot I take directly to my screenshot dir on my
shell's public_html.


Kind regards,
-Kai Hendry

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