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Re: Week 8 hate

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 07:37, Kai I Hendry wrote:

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> When I pop in a CD, no CD icon appears like in RH. Why not?

Get my magicdev package from http://harshy.homelinux.org. Repository
acces is:

deb http://harshy.homelinux.org/files/debian/ ./
deb-src http://harshy.homelinux.org/files/debian/ ./

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> Are there any decent gtk2 GUI burning software out there? Something comparable
> to KDE's K3B?

http://coaster.sf.net That is my major project I am working on...writing
the underlying library code ATM. Should be ready for a offical gnome2.4

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> There is no immediate feedback that a double clicked icon in my desktop is
> launching. I double click say the mozilla icon. And I am sure it is loading,
> so I double click it again. See the problem?

Should be comming with XFree 4.3.x and with system-notification

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> Would be good if I could save screenshot I take directly to my screenshot dir on my
> shell's public_html.
Setup a mountable network partion to that machine and change the save as
path to the network mount.

Sean Harshbarger

http://harshy.homelinux.org - Personal Website
http://coaster.sourceforge.net - Coaster - The Gnome CD Burner

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