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Re: Week 8 hate

On Sat, 2003-02-22 at 09:46, Julien Portalier wrote:
> On 22 Feb 2003 09:14:57 -0500
> Sean Harshbarger <harshbarger.13@osu.edu> wrote:
> > > Are there any decent gtk2 GUI burning software out there? Something
> > > comparable to KDE's K3B?
> > 
> > http://coaster.sf.net That is my major project I am working
> > on...writing the underlying library code ATM. Should be ready for a
> > offical gnome2.4 release.
> The best and most complete app i've seen for burning cds under linux is
> k3b.But well, coaster seems to be quite interesting, do you plan to have
> mp3/ogg on the fly burning to cdaudio ? I've seen you implement a
> gstreamer link so if it's planned, but i'm not sure.
> And in the future, do you plan to add a support for videocd (like k3b
> does) ? 

Yes we plan to have mp3 ogg support in the future as well as vcd and
even dvd.

> This project seems nice, if it comes to do the things i just said i
> could be rid of k3B (and all the qt/kde libs on my hard drive i'm not
> using)

Sean Harshbarger

http://harshy.homelinux.org - Personal Website
http://coaster.sourceforge.net - Coaster - The Gnome CD Burner

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