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Re: Week 8 hate

Kai I Hendry <hendry@cs.helsinki.fi> writes:

> Actions->Lock screen is not working.

Do you have xscreensaver installed?

> When I select an mp3, it plays with mpg123. It works granted, but how
> to do you stop playing it? You have to go into a shell, find the
> process and kill it manually. please, why isn't the default
> association with XMMS?

I think you can change this yourself under foot menu->desktop
settings->advanced. In the future, it will probably start a GStreamer
application instead as default.

> When I pop in a CD, no CD icon appears like in RH. Why not?

Install "magicdev" - I don't know whether it has been packaged in
Debian, though.

> In the metacity setup, why can't it figure out what Metacity it is
> using? It is quite ridiculous to ask me what Metacity version I am
> running. How the hell am I supposed to know or *care* for that matter.

I think Metacity Setup has been superseded by the capabilities of the
new control center.

> There is no immediate feedback that a double clicked icon in my
> desktop is launching. I double click say the mozilla icon. And I am
> sure it is loading, so I double click it again. See the problem?

This is supposed to work with GTK 2.2. applications, I think. I guess
Mozilla will follow at some point.

> Why is there a little bit of space left on the bottom of a maximized
> Gnome Terminal? Other apps maximize properly.

It can only fill out multiples of the character cell size.

> Would be good if I could save screenshot I take directly to my
> screenshot dir on my shell's public_html.

That's an issue with upstream. File a feature request bug in
bugzilla.gnome.org if it isn't already there.

Ole Laursen

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