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[glibc] 01/01: Add a bug numbers for security bugs closed in -7 [glibc] 01/01: Also remove hppa/cvs-start.diff and hppa/cvs-inline-syscall.diff from patches/series [glibc] 01/01: debian/ update Vcs-* fields to point to the new git repository. [glibc] 01/01: debian/ Call ldconfig during configure as well, or major version upgrades will leave us without due to dep ordering. [glibc] 01/01: debian/patches/git-updates.diff: update to the latest commit of the 2.22 branch [glibc] 01/01: New changelog entry [glibc] 01/01: Note that -7 fixed the bug (closed separately) [glibc] 01/01: Update Dutch debconf translation, by Frans Spiesschaert. Closes: #812351. [glibc] 01/01: Update from upstream stable branch [glibc] 01/02: Note that -7 fixed the bug (closed separately) [glibc] 01/02: Remove ldconfig wrapper, new debhelper versions use the trigger directly [glibc] 02/02: Add a bug numbers for security bugs closed in -7 [glibc] 02/03: sort kfreebsd-i386 failures [glibc] 03/03: debian/ allow a few tests to fail on kfreebsd-* [glibc] annotated tag debian/2.21-7 created (now 64d3020) [glibc] branch glibc-2.22 updated (2d9144e -> 60117c6) [glibc] branch glibc-2.22 updated (373f805 -> 2d9144e) [glibc] branch glibc-2.22 updated (60117c6 -> a86d548) [glibc] branch glibc-2.22 updated (9fa13d7 -> 373f805) [glibc] branch glibc-2.22 updated (a86d548 -> 8885bf8) [glibc] branch glibc-2.22 updated (e6682eb -> 9fa13d7) [glibc] branch jessie updated (9792f19 -> aee812b) [glibc] branch sid updated (2d4f441 -> 533f6c3) [glibc] branch sid updated (533f6c3 -> 6a0c9c0) [glibc] branch sid updated (685b8f8 -> 5beb4c0) [glibc] branch sid updated (74bef2c -> 9e41d9d) [glibc] branch sid updated (941a848 -> 685b8f8) [glibc] branch sid updated (9e41d9d -> 2d4f441) [tzdata] 01/01: Add Vcs-Git and Vcs-Browser fields to debian/control. [tzdata] 01/01: New upstream version 2016a [tzdata] 01/02: Change /etc/timezone into a symlink (closes: #803144) [tzdata] 02/02: releasing package tzdata version 2016a-1 [tzdata] annotated tag debian/2016a-1 created (now 5ef4ef4) [tzdata] branch sid updated (10291f1 -> 9ad183c) [tzdata] branch sid updated (90fdb20 -> ff17bca) [tzdata] branch sid updated (9ad183c -> 90fdb20) Best watches in the world. Winter sale! Bug#779587: marked as done (glibc: Three vulnerabilities) Bug#798316: marked as done (libc6: Pointer guarding bypass in dynamic Setuid binaries) Bug#799966: marked as done (glibc: CVE-2015-5277: data corruption while reading the NSS files database) Bug#800523: marked as done (nscd netgroup cache occasionally not updated, nscd -i netgroup hangs) Bug#800574: marked as done (libc6: lock elision hazard on Intel Broadwell and Skylake) Bug#800900: marked as done (hurd-i386: changeset from r6489 breaks SIGBUS handling) Bug#801691: marked as done (glibc: pointer guarding weakness) Bug#803144: marked as done (tzdata: turn /etc/timezone into a symlink) Bug#803927: marked as done (glibc: multiple overflows in strxfrm()) Bug#806911: [Reproducible-builds] Bug#806911: Bug#806911: Bug#806911: Second build on failures Bug#808143: marked as done (bg_BG locale should use colon as time separator, not comma) Bug#808205: libc6: Unrecognized relocation when compiling Bug#808819: marked as done (libio/wstrops.c: arbitrary code execution vulnerability) Bug#809636: glibc: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update Bug#809636: marked as done (glibc: [INTL:fr] French debconf templates translation update) Bug#809741: glibc: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation Bug#809741: marked as done (glibc: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation) Bug#809776: glibc: Please add patch to support HUGE PAGES on hppa Bug#809776: marked as done (glibc: Please add patch to support HUGE PAGES on hppa) Bug#810053: glibc: Fix dladdr and nss Bug#791537 on hppa Bug#810053: marked as done (glibc: Fix dladdr and nss Bug#791537 on hppa) Bug#810322: libc6:amd64: Unexpected asseration in pthread_mutex_unlock() Bug#810322: marked as done (libc6:amd64: Unexpected asseration in pthread_mutex_unlock()) Bug#811574: FTBFS with GCC 6: statement indented as if it were guarded by Bug#812351: glibc: [INTL:nl] Dutch translation of debconf messages Bug#812351: marked as done (glibc: [INTL:nl] Dutch translation of debconf messages) Bug#812403: libc6: remalloc(x, malloc_usage_size(x)) should not cause x to change. Bug#812441: glibc: CVE-2015-8778: Integer overflow in hcreate and hcreate_r Bug#812445: glibc: CVE-2015-8776: Segmentation fault caused by passing out-of-range data to strftime() Bug#812455: glibc: CVE-2015-8779: Unbounded stack allocation in catopen function Bug#812901: glibc: Please add support for hardened1-linux-amd64 Bug#812902: glibc: Please define __GNU_FEATURESET_HARDENED1__ on hardened1-linux-amd64 Bug#813187: glibc: CVE-2014-9761: Unbounded stack allocation in nan* functions Bug#813226: tzdata config script ignores /etc/timezone on non-interactive configuration Converting SVN repositories to git Re: Fixing the armhf linker path glibc_2.21-7_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Hi ! help please . Personaliseer de badges en plastic kaarten van MISTERBABEL Processed: [bts-link] source package src:glibc Processed: Bug#803144 marked as pending Processed: Bug#810322 marked as pending Processed: Bug#812351 marked as pending Processed: Bug#812441 marked as pending Processed: Bug#812445 marked as pending Processed: Bug#812455 marked as pending Processed: fixed 812445 in 2.21-7 Processed: fixed 812455 in 2.21-7 Processed: limit source to glibc, tagging 809741, tagging 809776 Processed: limit source to glibc, tagging 810053 Processed: Re: Bug#811574: FTBFS with GCC 6: statement indented as if it were guarded by Processed: reassign 785404 to libc0.3, closing 785404 Processed: tagging 800900 Processed: tagging 809636 Processing of glibc_2.21-7_source.changes Processing of tzdata_2016a-1_source.changes r6850 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . po r6851 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.22/debian: . r6852 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.22/debian: . r6853 - in glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.22/debian: . r6854 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/hurd-i386 r6855 - tzdata/tags r6856 - tzdata/tags r6857 - tzdata/tags r6858 - tzdata/tags r6859 - tzdata/tags r6860 - tzdata/tags r6861 - tzdata/tags r6862 - tzdata/tags r6863 - tzdata/tags r6864 - tzdata/tags r6865 - tzdata/tags r6866 - tzdata/tags r6867 - tzdata/tags r6868 - tzdata/tags r6869 - tzdata/tags r6870 - tzdata/tags r6871 - tzdata/tags r6872 - tzdata/tags r6873 - tzdata/tags r6874 - tzdata/tags r6875 - tzdata/tags r6876 - tzdata/tags r6877 - tzdata/tags r6878 - tzdata/tags r6879 - tzdata/tags r6880 - tzdata/tags r6881 - tzdata/tags r6882 - tzdata/tags r6883 - tzdata/tags r6884 - tzdata/tags r6885 - tzdata/tags r6886 - tzdata/tags r6887 - tzdata/tags r6888 - tzdata/tags r6889 - tzdata/tags r6890 - tzdata/tags r6891 - tzdata/tags r6892 - tzdata/tags r6893 - tzdata/tags r6894 - tzdata/tags r6895 - tzdata/tags r6896 - tzdata/tags r6897 - tzdata/tags r6898 - tzdata/tags r6899 - tzdata/tags r6900 - tzdata/tags r6901 - tzdata/tags r6902 - tzdata/tags r6903 - tzdata/tags r6904 - tzdata/tags r6905 - tzdata/tags r6906 - tzdata/tags r6907 - tzdata/tags r6908 - tzdata/tags r6909 - tzdata/tags r6910 - tzdata/tags r6911 - tzdata/tags r6912 - tzdata/tags r6913 - tzdata/tags r6914 - tzdata/tags r6915 - tzdata/tags r6916 - tzdata/tags r6917 - tzdata/tags r6918 - tzdata/tags r6919 - tzdata/tags r6920 - tzdata/tags r6921 - tzdata/tags r6922 - tzdata/tags r6923 - tzdata/tags r6924 - tzdata/tags r6925 - tzdata/tags r6926 - tzdata/tags r6927 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . po r6928 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/hppa r6929 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/hppa r6930 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . sysdeps r6931 - glibc-package/tags r6932 - glibc-package/tags r6933 - glibc-package/tags r6934 - glibc-package/tags r6935 - glibc-package/tags r6936 - glibc-package/tags r6937 - glibc-package/tags/2.7-10 r6938 - glibc-package/tags r6939 - glibc-package/tags r6940 - glibc-package/tags r6941 - glibc-package/tags r6942 - glibc-package/tags r6943 - tzdata/tags r6944 - tzdata/tags r6945 - glibc-package/tags r6946 - glibc-package/tags r6947 - glibc-package/tags/2.7-10 r6948 - glibc-package/tags r6949 - glibc-package/tags r6950 - glibc-package/tags r6951 - glibc-package/tags r6952 - glibc-package/tags r6953 - glibc-package/tags r6954 - glibc-package/tags r6955 - glibc-package/tags r6956 - glibc-package/tags r6957 - glibc-package/tags r6958 - glibc-package/tags r6959 - glibc-package/tags r6960 - glibc-package/tags r6961 - glibc-package/tags r6962 - glibc-package/tags r6963 - glibc-package/tags r6964 - glibc-package/tags r6965 - glibc-package/tags r6966 - glibc-package/tags r6967 - glibc-package/tags r6968 - glibc-package/tags r6969 - glibc-package/tags r6970 - glibc-package/tags r6971 - glibc-package/tags r6972 - glibc-package/tags r6973 - glibc-package/tags r6974 - glibc-package/tags r6975 - glibc-package/tags r6976 - glibc-package/tags r6977 - glibc-package/tags r6978 - glibc-package/tags r6979 - glibc-package/tags r6980 - glibc-package/tags r6981 - glibc-package/tags r6982 - glibc-package/tags r6983 - glibc-package/tags r6984 - glibc-package/tags r6985 - glibc-package/tags r6986 - glibc-package/tags r6987 - glibc-package/tags r6988 - glibc-package/tags r6989 - glibc-package/tags r6990 - glibc-package/tags r6991 - glibc-package/tags r6992 - glibc-package/tags r6993 - glibc-package/tags r6994 - glibc-package/tags r6995 - glibc-package/tags r6996 - glibc-package/tags/2.7-18lenny1 r6997 - glibc-package/tags r6998 - glibc-package/tags r6999 - glibc-package/tags r7000 - glibc-package/tags/2.13-38+deb7u6 r7001 - glibc-package/tags/2.13-38+deb7u5 r7002 - glibc-package/tags r7003 - glibc-package/tags r7004 - glibc-package/tags r7005 - glibc-package/tags r7006 - glibc-package/tags r7007 - glibc-package/tags r7008 - glibc-package/tags r7009 - glibc-package/tags r7010 - glibc-package/tags r7011 - glibc-package/tags r7012 - in glibc-package/tags: 2.13-38+deb7u5 2.13-38+deb7u6 2.7-18lenny1 r7013 - in glibc-package/trunk/debian: . patches patches/hurd-i386 r7014 - in tzdata: . branches/glibc-branch-etch branches/glibc-branch-jessie branches/glibc-branch-lenny branches/glibc-branch-squeeze branches/glibc-branch-wheezy trunk r7015 - / glibc-package glibc-package/branches/GLIBC_2-2-5 glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.10 glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.11 glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.13 glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.16 glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.17 glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.19 glibc-package/branches/eglibc-2.9 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.19 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.21 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.22 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.3.4 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.3.5 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.4 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.5 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.6 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.7 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.8 glibc-package/branches/glibc-2.9 glibc-package/branches/glibc-branch-etch glibc-package/branches/glibc-branch-jessie glibc-package/branches/glibc-branch-lenny glibc-package/branches/glibc-branch-sarge glibc-package/branches/glibc-branch-squeeze glibc-package/branches/glibc-branch-wheezy glibc-package/branches/multiarch glibc-package/branches/nptl glibc-package/trunk reassign 785404 to libc0.3, closing 785404 squeeze update of eglibc? Super present. tzdata_2016a-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into unstable The last update was on 08:26 GMT Sun May 05. There are 275 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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