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Converting SVN repositories to git

Hi all,

We have been talking about converting our SVN repositories to git for
years, but without really doing anything. I have therefore decided to
give a try, starting first with the tzdata package to understand the

I have first started to do some cleanup, mostly adding missing tags when
possible. I then used the svn2git software [1] for that. I decided not
to try to include stitching in the upstream history as there are
different way to do that depending on the software to use, and we would
have to take a decision first. This is the strategy used for example by
the debian-kernel team, and anyway we can stitch in upstream in a second
step later. The resulting repository is 1.1MB and 4.1MB with a checkout
instead of the 487MB SVN checkout. It is available as a tarball [2] and
also temporarily on my gitweb [3] for easy browsing.

Any comments are welcome. If it looks fine, I am planning to install
this git repository on alioth, removing the SVN version, and then do the
same for the glibc package.


[1] https://github.com/nirvdrum/svn2git#readme
[2] https://temp.aurel32.net/tzdata-git.tar.gz
[3] http://git.aurel32.net/?p=tzdata.git;a=summary 

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