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Re: Converting SVN repositories to git

On 2016-01-07 13:55, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have been talking about converting our SVN repositories to git for
> years, but without really doing anything. I have therefore decided to
> give a try, starting first with the tzdata package to understand the
> process.
> I have first started to do some cleanup, mostly adding missing tags when
> possible. I then used the svn2git software [1] for that. I decided not
> to try to include stitching in the upstream history as there are
> different way to do that depending on the software to use, and we would
> have to take a decision first. This is the strategy used for example by
> the debian-kernel team, and anyway we can stitch in upstream in a second
> step later. The resulting repository is 1.1MB and 4.1MB with a checkout
> instead of the 487MB SVN checkout. It is available as a tarball [2] and
> also temporarily on my gitweb [3] for easy browsing.

I have done some small fixes both in the conversion and in the SVN.
You'll find the new version at the same place, ie:


> Any comments are welcome. If it looks fine, I am planning to install
> this git repository on alioth, removing the SVN version, and then do the
> same for the glibc package.

I have also converted the glibc repository. You'll find it there:


Comments are welcome. If they look fine, I'll install them on alioth and
deprecate the corresponding SVN repositories.


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