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Bug#19849: marked as done (libc6-dev: Please recommend gcc | egcc) Bug#27516: marked as done (g++ optimisation gets NaN and Inf confuses) Bug#30683: Cannot reproduce the bug Bug#30773: marked as done (libc6-dev: regexp.h compares to 'n' rather than '\n') Bug#36931: marked as done (libc6-dev: Include files ax25.h rose.h and netrom.h need updating) Bug#37154: marked as done (Error in optimizing exp(-Inf) using egcc or g++) Bug#39078: marked as done (_PATH_MAILDIR wrong in libc6-dev) Bug#39078: _PATH_MAILDIR wrong in libc6-dev Bug#42111: marked as done (libc6-dev: /usr/share/doc/libc6-dev is empty?) Bug#42155: (no subject) Bug#42155: Yahoo! Urlaubsantwort Bug#45693: Strange multia clock behaviour Bug#45912: `ping', and name resolution in general, hangs Bug#48120: marked as forwarded (gconv-modules would not be loaded properly when setgid) Bug#48786: fixed in glibc 2.1.2-9 Bug#48786: marked as done (libc6: source package missing debian/libc-doc directory) Bug#48914: fixed in glibc 2.1.2-9 Bug#48914: libc6: maintainer script `postinst' has bad permissions 644 Bug#48914: marked as done (libc6: maintainer script `postinst' has bad permissions 644) Bug#48976: nscd: should reset (host)-database on dialup Bug#49459: fixed in glibc 2.1.2-10 Bug#49459: glibc: does not patch on the Hurd Bug#49459: marked as done (glibc: does not patch on the Hurd) Bug#49539: fixed in glibc 2.1.2-10 Bug#49539: libc6 -- broken install? Bug#49539: marked as done (libc6 -- broken install?) Bug#49608: asm/system.h not C++-clean on Alpha Bug#49702: latent bash bug in combination with make? Bug#49955: libc0.2: Multiple ungetc's fail on debian-hurd Bug#50083: libc6-dev: broken headers for sparc Bug#50167: libc6: Include ldd nad ldd man page, which are part of ldso. Bug#50168: libc6: Libc6 on sparc include ldd and ldd man page, which are part of ldso. Bug#50261: libc6-dev: Malformed define in /usr/include/bits/mman.h Bug#50311: libc6: libc6 ships binary programs: please split. Bug#50341: libc6 installs binary packages: please split. Bug#50672: libc6 2.1.2 breaks staroffice 5.1a Bug#50672: SO5.1 and libc 2.1.2-10 Bug#50781: no documentation on setting locale for reading 8bit characters Bug#50846: Acknowledgement (timezones: I purged timezones!) Bug#50846: timezones: I purged timezones! Bug#51242: libc6: WISH: mount devpts after mountall in /etc/rcS.d Bug#51267: -lieee -lm cannot generate shared binaries glibc_2.1.2-10_i386.changes INSTALLED glibc 2.1.2-10 install with slink ??? glibc_2.1.2-9_i386.changes INSTALLED libc6_2.0.7u Lithuanian locales locales on m68k missing braces Processed: Processed: forwarded/fixed bash bugs Processed: merges Processed: oops Processed: pthread/throw causes abort() Processed: RC bug cleanup will tzdata1999h.tar.gz be merged in before the freeze your bug report #33822 The last update was on 14:21 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 67 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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